The girl in the GFA

As the Girl From Arizona, I’ve been posting about the things I love for years. I write about my travels and climbing trips on my personal blog and I share my love of craft beer and specialty coffee on the Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Now aprons are tying all these pieces together.

At our little apron factory, we’re fueled by these very things we love so much. Our first priority after moving in our sewing machines and fabrics: Set up a coffee brewing station. We have no less than three ways to prepare a cup and usually have both a local roast and a sample from our recent trips to choose from.

Our aprons are designed around the needs of chefs, brewers, baristas and home cooks. Not only have we put in our time at these wonderfully crafty jobs, we have many dear friends in these fields willing to test out our prototypes.

We source our materials from a variety of vendors, often finding beautiful discontinued fabrics but with a limited supply. We’ll make as many aprons as we can from these finds and pass the savings on to you. When the print is gone, it’s gone and you’ll know you have something truly unique.

- angela