Size Matters

Size is everything.

GFA aprons started because a chef’s off-the-rack apron didn’t fit right. That simple request for minor tailoring is now one of the lynchpins of our mission: to create quality, affordable aprons that fit!

With the introduction of our Barista Collection today, we feel like we’ve achieved that goal. GFA aprons now has three sizing tiers that fit just about every body type. 

Our Barista Collection is designed around common barista sizing. The large is a tall and skinny apron that anyone over 6-foot will be excited to wear. The petite is for anyone under 5’4” who want an apron above the knee. (This is also a great size for your teenage cooks and crafters.)

The Beer Maker sizing keeps in mind that the people who make beer also like to drink it. They are wider around the middle and take in mind the broad shoulders beer makers have from lifting all those heavy bags and buckets.

Our Chef line is similar to sizing you will see for other retail aprons. But did you know we also have an Extra Large Chef size available upon request? We don’t charge extra for making one of our retail models in a plus size. Why? Well, we’re an apron factory, not an airline. For every extra large chef out there, we believe there’s a kiddo or petite barista to even things out.

For more details, here is our sizing chart. We hope you appreciate our size variations as much as we love all the people and industries that inspired them.


Chef Aprons

  • Small: 32" Long x 27" Wide  - 32" Ties - Neck Loop adj to 25"
  • Large: 35" Long x 30" Wide - 37" Ties - Neck Loop adj to 28"
  • Extra Large (available on request): 40" Long x 36" Wide - 42" Ties - Neck Loop adj to 30"

Beer Maker Aprons

  • Medium: 33" Long x 30" Wide - 32" Ties - 60" Razorback Ties - Neck Loop adj to 28"
  • Large: 35" Long x 33" Wide - 37" Ties - 67" Razorback Ties - Neck Loop adj to 30"

Barista Aprons

  • Petite: 30" Long x 25" Wide - 23" Ties - Neck Loop adj to 25"
  • Large: 37" Long x 30" Wide - 30" Ties - Neck Loop adj to 30"