Prost! Our First Oktoberfest Apron Line

We're super stoked to roll out the barrel on our first line of Oktoberfest aprons. It's not just because they're an homage to the grand-daddy of all beer fests. It's also because the sizing makes the healthy shape of Bavarian men and women look so good. Cheers to wider waists and bibs!  Here's the official word on this line of aprons:

For Immediate Release

GFA Aprons Says “Prost!” With Oktoberfest Designs

Leder-Apron and Dirndl-Apron Commemorate the Greatest of All Beer Fests

GFA aprons has beer lovers covered for Oktoberfest. The latest line of aprons is an homage to this first and greatest of all beer festivals. The Leder-apron and Dirndl-apron are designed to reflect the traditional garb of Bavarian men and women, yet still retain the functional features of a working apron that the GFA brand is known for.

The Leder-apron incorporates the GFA Razorback ties into a suspender-style bib. An embroidered center pocket recalls the drop-down flap of traditional lederhosen. Small touches like a decorative waistband and a “suspender brace-plate” adorned with beer steins, pretzels and barrels rounds out the look.

For the ladies, the Dirndl-apron is a form fitting cover up for celebrating in style. The bib has a contrasting, embroidered bodice and a low scoop neck with an adjustable loop. The base is actually an apron with an apron. A checkered “apron” is incorporated into the waistband and wrap-around ties to finish off this simple country style.

As with all GFA aprons, size matters. The Leder-apron and Dirndl apron both come in large sizes to fit the healthy Bavarian shape. Women especially will appreciate the larger bib of the Dirndl-apron that covers C and D cups. For the guys, the Leder-apron easily fits a 40” waist and has length of 44.”

Both width and length on the Leder-apron are adjustable with the GFA Razorback ties. These ties take the place of the traditional neck loop and waist ties. Instead the straps cross the wearer’s back and can wrap around or tie in the back.

The Leder-apron comes in two styles: The Bavarian is a traditional blue-checkered bib with brown suspenders and base. A beer stein adorns the chest-plate. The Marzen is a country plaid bib with blue denim straps and base and a pretzel on the chest-plate. It is possible to customize the emblem on the chest-plate. Muñiz asks that requests be sent to her for a quote on price and fulfillment time.

The Dirndl-apron comes in the Czech – a brown apron with cream-colored bodice and red plaid “apron.” The Pauli has the traditional Bavarian blue in the bodice and a gray-checkered “apron.”

The aprons are $65 and must be ordered by September 15 to guarantee delivery by the start of Oktoberfest on September 20. The aprons are available online at